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My ThanksGiving Reflections


By: Davida Grant

For me, Thanksgiving is a day of reflection on the past year and all the blessings and favor bestowed on me and my family. I am thankful for so many things, big and small, that I can’t possibly name them all here. These are just a few that warm my heart.

My husband: Every year with him gets better. He loves me just as I am, all my curves and edges, all my perfect imperfections (courtesy of John Legend). He’s my friend, road dog, confidant, lover and much more. I couldn’t ask for a better mate.

My daughter, Simone: Simone is my miracle from God. She has taught me the true meaning of love, faith and perseverance.

My son, Grant: Grant teaches me just how infinite love is. I didn’t think I’d have room to love another after Simone, but my heart just expanded and continues to daily. Love that boy!!!!

My amazing mother, Gloria: To have a mother and best friend in one person is nothing short of amazing. She’s had such a challenging year, but remains strong. She’s a fighter. I’m still learning from her.

My brothers: I was raised with my brother Matt. He always has my back. I trust that and it’s such a comfort. I recently connected with my brother Anthony, and he is such a blessing in my life. He is so genuine and I love that about him.

My friends: I have ride-or-die friends who are there for me ALWAYS. They indulge my crazy musings!!! What would I do without them? Bario, Andrea, Sherri, Tracy, Tonya, Kim, Roz, Angela, Cledra, Charla, Pam and Nise – love you to pieces!!!!

My health: I’m am so blessed to be in great health.

My Lord, Jesus Christ: He is the Great I Am. I am nothing without him, something I continue to learn everyday. I am so thankful for all that He has done and will continue to do for me and mine, because I sure don’t deserve it. That’s love!

What are you thankful for? Please share.

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