Grant’s Walking

By: Davida Grant

Baby boy is on the move. My complacent “angel” is no more. Grant wants to get out of my arms, on the floor, and explore EVERYTHING.

I love just sitting back and watching him as he discovers something new. He focuses in on the object and really takes it in visually. Then, he reaches aggressively for it, as if someone is on his heels ready to take it from him. Then of course he tries to put it in his mouth, or smell it. It’s so cute. He repeats these steps over and over with each new object. His biggest joy is when the object makes a sound, whether on its own, because he’s shaking it, or because he’s smashing it on the floor. His face lights up, his eyes dance. His perfect smile makes my heart skip a beat, still. I’m so loving my mobile boy. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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