Raising a Girly Girl

By: Davida Grant

Simone is 4

The title says it all. Baby girl is a girly girl. And in every way folks. She loves dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories. She’s dainty. She hates bugs. She refuses to kick a ball. In this respect, I can’t relate. Yes, I have some girly qualites, but a girly girl? That, I most certainly am not.

This morning to her chagrin, I dressed her in shorts and a t-shirt. Simone was pissed. She hates wearing anything other than dresses. In fact, her first question EVERY morning is, “Mommy, dress today?” After her tantrum (yep still in that phase folks), we were headed out the door when she said, “Mommy, boys wear pants. Girls wear dresses.”

I have no idea where she got that information. “Mommy” wears pants all the time. But her comment gave me pause. I started thinking about “roles.” My husband and I are old-school/traditional (whatever nomenclature you’d like to assign) in that we do believe that boys and girls are different. There are certain things I don’t want Simone to do because I don’t think it’s appropriate for girls. Case in point, she can’t sit any which way she feels. Her legs need to be closed. Period. But, I don’t want to stifle her in any way. I want her to explore everything, question everything. But how do I reconcile that with my values and my faith which make distinctions between girls and boys? Hmmmm.

Well, I don’t have the answer. So what do I do in the meantime with this beautiful girly girl? I think I’ll sit back and enjoy this wonderful journey. After all, it’s never too late to learn how a girly girl thinks. And actually, it’s kind of cool.

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