Baby Girl is 4 Today

By:  Davida Grant

Simone 4

My darling, the most beautiful girl in the world, is 4 today.  I’m overjoyed to celebrate her birthday.  Simone is turning into such a little lady and I couldn’t be more proud.

Yesterday, we did her hair and went to one of her favorite stores to pick out a dress and new shoes for her special day.  Simone was all smiles.  “Mommy, I’m 4.” She said.  “Yes you are my darling.  Yes you are.”

I woke up practically giddy this morning.  Simone absolutely loves her birthday and today assuredly will be filled with hugs, kisses, and lots of laughter.  Not surprisingly, the phone started ringing off the hook, as everyone wanted to wish her a happy birthday.  Neither of us could stop smiling.

So how will Simone celebrate her special day?  Well, Simone has lots of plans in place.  She’ll spend the morning and early afternoon with some friends attending a festival.  She’ll get to go on a pony ride and have her face painted.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.  Later, the family — all five of us for once — will get together for dinner, cake and ice cream.

On my way into the office, I reflected on the things I love and adore the most about my baby girl.  And since she is 4 today, I will share 4 with you.

1.  She is dramatic.  I love this about my girl.  She’s such an actress.  The hubby and I never know what to expect.  She keeps us on our toes.  And where does she get all that dramatic flair?  Need I say more.

2.  She has such a caring nature.  Whenever I’m sad, she reaches out to comfort me.  She has such a tender heart.  When I’m down, she finds a way to bring me out of my funk.

3.  She’s such a girly girl.  I love this about Simone.  She’s all about dresses and shoes and tea parties and baby dolls.  I’d love her no matter what, but I can’t stop smiling when I see all these girly ways.

4.  She loves her brothers.  Simone is on fire for both of her brothers.  I couldn’t say that 6-months ago.  The way she envelops them now, especially Grant, simply warms my heart.

I could go on and on.  Simone has taught me what it truly means to love another more than myself.  She’s helped me to truly understand God’s love for us.  And to think, as much as I love Simone, God loves her even more….


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  1. Semmwa

    Aww, how sweet. Happy Birthday Simone! May your entire life be lived according to God’s perfect plan for you, and may His Will be your guiding light from now till the very end, Amen.
    God bless you little one!

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