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11 Months and Counting

By: Davida Grant

Where has the year gone? It seems just yesterday I was holding my infant son in my arms for the first time. In three weeks, Grant will be one, a baby no more.

I have so enjoyed his first year of life. He is such a happy baby. With my hectic schedule, I’m often an irritable mommy. But one look at those chubby cheeks, two front teeth and gorgeous dimples, takes me completely out of my funk. There are simply no words to describe the immense joy Grant has brought into our lives. Maybe I’ll have another one. Hmmmmm…….

Grant 9-months

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Put the Cell Phone Down!

By Davida Grant

Last night was the typical Wednesday evening. The hubby picked up the kids and I prepared dinner. We then settled in for a movie. Of course, the kids were only half focused on the movie and were running and crawling all over the place. Admittedly, I was only half watching it too. Why? I was on my smart phone checking my email, my Facebook page, Twitter, etc. Finally, the hubby said, “Babe, get off your phone. This is family time.” I said, “How do you know I’m not recording the kids.” He replied, “I know you. Turn the phone around. You are always on your phone.”

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. He was right. I was and I guess I am on my phone quite a bit. We only have roughly a two-hour window once we get home to spend with the kids before they have to go to bed, and this includes dinner and bath time. Why do I feel the need to spend any of it on my phone?

I put my phone down and spent the rest of the evening fully focused on my family. Grant is pulling up on everything now and is absolutely delighted every time he can pull himself up without assistance. He’s such a crack up. And baby girl is such the entertainer. She’s always singing and dancing, and it’s really a joy to watch. I know I’m present and “in the moment” with my kids most of the time, but I want to be that way all of the time. So, from now on, my smartphone will be off until the kids are in bed. Thanks to the hubby for calling me to the carpet on this one.

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