2013 Reflections on Motherhood

By: Davida Grant

On this last day of 2013, I can’t help but reflect on the year. 2013 was chock full of ups and downs, with the “ups” winning hands down. I learned ALOT about myself as a mother. I wouldn’t change a thing, but as always, there’s much room for improvement. Here are some of my favorite mommy moments of 2013.

Simone gave me my first card. I can’t tell you what she was trying to say. It was all gobbly gook. But that moment was priceless. She was literally beaming.

Grant was born. The love that enveloped me took my breath away. Who knew I could love another child as much as Simone.

Grant’s doctor gave him a clean bill of health. I can’t begin to describe the relief that coursed through my body, given all the health issues we had with Simone.

We took our first family trip to the beach. I can still see the expression on Simone’s face when she saw the ocean for the first time. I adore “firsts” with my babies.

Grant smiled. I still melt every time. He is just the cutest little boy ever.

Simone finally mastered “potty training.” No more wet sheets in the morning. Yay!

Simone mimicked my name for the hubby. Instead of saying, “daddy,” she said, “Hey, babe.” I still chuckle at this memory.

I embraced the concept of “time out” for me. I would get so frustrated with Simone, that I found myself raising my voice a wee bit too much. I learned to get up and leave the room until I calmed down. I’m still a work in progress though.

Simone is a fanatic for shoes already. I have so many memories of her prancing around the house in my heels.

I chose to be an active participant in Simone’s world, not just a bystander. Talk about a BIG change in my level of irritation. Massive, folks!

Grant laughed heartily for the first time. I was kissing him all over his neck and he laughed and laughed. His laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world.

I learned to accept and embrace my role as a mother of two and stepmom of one. Instead of focusing on what’s NOT happening the way I think it should, I chose to focus on what works for our family. I chose not to sweat the small stuff. There’s enough “Big” stuff.

I got my body back. Yes, I’m finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight range. Oh how I missed that Vida Marie. Glad she’s back and I can now fit into my clothes.

I started this mommy blog. It’s been cathartic in so many ways. I’ve tried to be transparent with my readers. “Baring my soul” has given me a path for growth. I’ve loved interacting with so many mommies.

What about you? Any mommy reflections you’d care to share? Happy New Year!


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2 Responses to 2013 Reflections on Motherhood

  1. Tara D.

    1. Mina was born, we became a family of 3 and I met my tiny soulmate and best friend (sorry hubbie!).

    2. Struggled with and got over working mommy guilt.

    3. Back to pre-pregnancy weight and beyond.

    4. At the end of the year, baby girl weaned herself. We dealt with a lot of judgment from other parents for this and we overcame it by reminding ourselves that we are parents for our baby and she was telling us “thanks, Mom. I’m done!”

    5. Found a child care situation we were finally happy with.

    6. Sent in my graduate school applications.

    7. Finally embraced being a young mom (25!) instead of feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed around older parents.

    8. Started carving out time for more baby-mama special events.

    Happy belated new year, Vida!

    • Vida Marie

      Thanks for sharing Tara. Motherhood really is a journey of self-discovery. I learned so much about myself in 2013 and it appears that so did you. I hope you, Mina and your husband have a FANTASTIC 2014.

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