It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By:  Davida Grant

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year. People seem to check their attitudes and grumpy dispositions at the door and embrace the spirit of giving, sharing, love and forgiveness. I previously shared that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s truly a day of reflection. Each December I continue in that vein, reflecting specifically on all the blessings bestowed during the year. Before I had kids, my yearly reflections centered on my career accomplishments. Did I satisfy each of my New Year’s goals? If not, why not? What would I do in the upcoming year to do better, be better? While I still reflect on these things, they are way down on my list. At the end of the day, my career does not bring me “joy.” It’s merely a means to an end. What I truly care about are the things that melt my heart and warm my soul. What’s that? You already know, my two beautiful kids, my amazing husband, my inspiring mother, and my fantastic friends. So on this Tuesday morning, all snowed in with my munchkins, I began my annual trip down Memory Lane.

The winter of 2013 was filled with excitement and anticipation. I was probably most excited that my mom was recovering nicely from her stroke. And to think her doctor said she’d be a vegetable. Ha! Science only goes so far. God has the ultimate say and clearly He said my mom has more to do here. I was also eagerly awaiting the birth of my son. I was scared to death that I wouldn’t and frankly couldn’t love him with the depth and intensity I had for Simone. All the same, I couldn’t wait to meet him.

Grant is on the way!

Grant is on the way!

Spring 2013 arrived with the birth of Grant Alexander on April 22. The hubby and I were overjoyed that he was healthy AND that he wasn’t born on April 17th, the birthday shared by both his sister Simone AND his brother Frankie. WHEW is all I can say about that. Our bouncing baby boy completely captivated us. With Simone, it was doctor after doctor and hospital after hospital as we battled her health issues. With Grant, we could relax and just enjoy him. My heart expanded and love engulfed me.


Summer 2013 was a blur. I was a walking zombie. Taking care of two kids, and sometimes three, is WORK. Somehow, my 40+ behind found the strength. But there were some highlights. We finally took our honeymoon. We had a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD time. Tropical breezes and libations can work wonders. It was on and popping. Ok, I think I’m blushing at the memories.


Late Summer/Fall 2013 ushered in many firsts. We took our first family trip to the beach. Simone started her first day of preschool.  Simone started dance classes (she’s a ballerina in the making). Grant smiled at me for the first time, rolled over for the first time, sat up by himself for the first time, and stuffed his face with solid food for the first time. I smile every time I think of these moments.


Simone at school


December 2013, we’re still making memories. Simone woke up and saw the snow and began jumping with glee.  She’s seen snow before, but unlike last year, this time she was overjoyed. She couldn’t stop staring out the window. I was catapulted back to my childhood when I would dash to the window to stare at the falling snow. I love being able to relive my childhood through my children. I love remembering the happy child I was.


Christmas is just around the corner. We already have Grant’s Christmas photo and will soon have the family Christmas card to share. I can’t wait to create even more memories to close out the year.


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  1. Congrats to you and your huby on your new adorable son. I wish you all the best. GOD BLESS!

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